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Fairy Tail 387 has been released.
Chapter was actually good in my book. Silver speed is really impressive and it is clear he is related to Gray as Gray for a moment thinks he is someone and Natsu + Gajeel comment on Silver smelling like Gray. To get to know that there are more faces out their is relatively good news I guess. Tempesta magic was also really impressive. I also guess this chapter in the summary of the story so far confirmed Lucy having Aquarius powers is permenant.
 They're moving on with the story and not just moving on with the fight. That's all good for me. Hiro's actually got quite a bit going on at the moment and it is probably easy to lose track of it all with everyone wanting to see the fights. I personally want to see Gajeel kick some ass. As long as he is given his moments and finishes one of the demons, I don't even mind a team fight. It would be a nice change of pace. Next chapter has a very depressing title though. I can't say I'm eagerly awaiting Erza vs Minerva. I think the demon transformation ruined what had the potential to be a cool character. She should have remained just as evil and manipulative as she always was. No redemption for Minerva. Although that's still looking like it could be the case, her demon look is pretty lame. That and I'm more than bored with Erza fights. Have been for a long while.
PS Considering all the bombs didn't go off at the same time I suspect they have different passcodes for each one so Carla couldn't disarm them.