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Fairy Tail 390 Spoilers - Predictions and discussions
Fairy Tail 389 has been released.
Reconsidering how I rank Mard now. Spirit King's as well. Sting and Rogue are doing fine, much better than I expected them to. They're not even invoking DF yet.
 The twin dragons go up against Mard Geer, but do not start off in Dragonforce for some reason and the
last we see of them in this chapter they mention the word "Friend" / "Nakama" sigh ..... this can only end well.
Why the hell would Mard Geer tell the people trying to stop them (who also succeed in stoping your first plan)
about Keith the main component holding their plan together, that makes no sense whatsoever.
Telling Erza to stop 3000 Faces is reminds me of telling Erza to stop the 300 Lacryma. I get the feeling Erza is going to meet up with Jellal and co. now.
Keith is actually a necromancer. Well, I guess he's not completely useless after all.
The way Gray and Silver are talking makes me think that Mashima is going to swing it the direction of them not being father and son. I would think a reunion with Gray's dead parents to be a lot more sentimental. This relationship seems almost like a rivalry. I think uncle or brother would fit better. Though for the sake of fitting with the theme of "Father and Son" I'm still holding out for Silver being the father.