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Fairy Tail 391 Spoilers - Predictions and discussions
Fairy Tail 390 has been released.
So basically Silver vs Deliora is a continuation of the Ur and Deliora storyline. Go figure. 
Are we ever going to get any backstory on the workings of Demon Slayer Magic (curse)? Why does Deliora even use this magic, anyways? What good does going around trying to freeze demons do for Deliora? 
How did Deliora find Silver's corpse? Gray's dad died before Gray met Ur. Ur froze Deliora for seven years before he was freed. Did Deliora find a bunch of bones he liked when checking out old rampage sites? 
Why does Deliora know of Natsu? They should have zero relations. 
Is that gravity magic Tempesta is using? 
I found it sweet Lucy is trying to help. 
Yup, Tempesta, Torafusa, and Keith are basically just something to keep the cast preoccupied until part IV is over. 
Is it just me, or are Sting and Rogue stealing the spotlight this arc? 
Am I the only one rooting for Franmalth to make a great escape?