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Fairy Tail 392 Spoilers - Predictions and discussions
Fairy Tail 391 has been released.
Hmm looks like Gray arcs is near the end, good fight, then Deliora don't use a curse but "magic", man this is really confuse, deliora is a mage while in gray father body. 
The flashback with natsu talking about he can't eat his own fire was weird since this scene was with Lucy in day break book arc 
The fight is gonna go to his climax in next chapter and probably end in the chapter after that. 
And is good to know who Deliora is also after Lyon, since he want kill both urs aprentices, now make more sense silver hate over gray than when was only about gray. 
Slayer magic is really a trick magic against their own element.Gray 's getting some pretty good durability and movement speed feats. CQC and power feats are still left to be desired. Nevertheless, I hold him in a higher regard than before. I am very pleased with the direction they took Gray's magic though. This modern weaponry theme works for him. 
Deliora on the other hand, was kind of disappointing. I take it that a Demon's Rage is the same as a Dragon's Roar or a God's Bellow. In that regard, Silver's Ice Demon's Rage was rather underwhelming compared to Laxus' roar used against Natsu and Gajeel. I was expecting WSD future-Rogue style utter domination.