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Fairy Tail 302 Spoilers - Predictions and discussions
Fairy Tail 301 has been released.

Wendy makes a magic called Milky way in a place where there are many dragons` sceletons. She wants to know the secret of the dragon slayers.

One dragon soul appears. His name is Zirconis, also known as the dragon of jade. He tells the history of the dragon slayers: "It happened over 400 years ago. Dragons used to be the kings of the world... Humans beings were nothing more than our food.

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However... a foolish dragon started to question the sovereignty of our species. He talked nonsense and wanted a world where dragons and humans could coexist. A war started between the dragons who approved of his ideals and the ones who were against them...

The war continued for a long time. The fights between dragons ruined many places. Until the dragons that supported coexistence came up with a foolish strategy. They taught humans the magic to slay dragons... and asked them to join the battle."

That`s how the dragon slayers were born.

The dragon continues his story that there were slayers who killed the dragons in their side. But there was a man who was too strong and murdered too many dragons. Finally he became a dragon and was called Rynnousai ("Festival of the dragon king"). The name of the king was Acnologia.

After this story the dragon vanishes. In Zeref`s book according to a hypothesis, it was Zeref who transformed a man into Acnologia. In other words destroying Zeref would be the first step to defeat Acnologia.

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What happens next?

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