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Fairy Tail 302 has been released.

Yukino Agria represents himself as the head of the Holy Chivalric order of the Cherry blossoms, a part of the army of the kingdom of Fiore that is stationed in Crocus. He needs a celestial wizard. Natsu asks him why. Natsu and Lucy are brought in the Flower light palace, Mercurius - it is a huge place.

Yukino Agria shows a door that can change the world and tells what is the Eclipse project. He explains: 'When the sun and the moon intersect open the door with the 12 keys. If you open the door, you will be able to travel back 400 years and defeat Zeref before he was immortal. This is the Eclipse project.'

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In this moment the Kingdom`s army surrounds them. The minister of defense Colonel Arcadios is with the army. He says to Yukino Agria that it`s absolutely outrageous to reveal national top secret information to outsiders. The minister is against the Eclipse plan because it will change the history. The minister arrests everybody in the room including Lucy and Natsu. Natsu uses a magic trying to protect Lucy. But it is absorbed completely from a system that steal wizard`s magic to send it to the Eclipse. Natsu faints.

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What happens next?

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