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Fairy Tail 305 has been released.


Oooo that's  pretty cool so next we're gonna see Rufas vs Gray. I bet 10 golden leprous coins on Gray. Bet me higher if you dare. I guess Gray will freeze you all to death.

 But I somehow want see the others you know  they go Laxus vs Jura, Minerva vs who ever and Kagura vs Erza. And then after all that the eclipse of the story. And to see Gray getting some revenge woud be nice too.

 This chapter makes me think that ST had been targeting FT from the very start more than any guild in the sense that Rufus only attacked FT when they moved when he could had easily done that from the very start and attack other guilds too...

 Sooo any predictions for the end. I will bet you. :D

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What happens next?

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