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Fairy Tail 307 has been released.


So next chapter FT vs The executors. We have  some new characters in this chapter. They look strong too. Can't wait for the fight in the next chapter!!!On another note, we found out what the Legion of Hungry Wolves is. It is the Kingdom of Fiore's executioners. Hopefully we get to see Mira take out some enemies(strong ones), and also want to see what Natsu's LFD really can do! Still Lucy does not have her keys witch makes her the week spot in the FT risque team.

 So Minerva is blackmailing Sting, and putting all her hopes on him to win the tournament. Genma is still alive I guess, unless they left him to die .I have this bad feeling that Minerva is bluffing about Lecter being alive, or that she have him. I don't belief that heartless woman at all. But was kind of sad to see Sting cry like that.

 So what do you think will happen in the next chapter?

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What happens next?

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