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Fairy Tail 308 has been released.


The beginning hahahaha Natsu laughing in their faces, priceless. I guess they really turned out really strong in the end. The big one with Natsu is I guess their leader, he looks very strong. But all with no power to end up with an enemy, is just bad luck. I don't know though he looks like tottal retard “no bones left” seems like he is strong. The princess looks like she's doing things without much thinking first, seems like if all end up well she have a lot of apologize to make.

 Wich battle do you think is most interesting. Mira VS Kamika? I wonder if that flower girl have a crush on Kamika?

 But we all know what this chapter meens. I will be gray and old until I see Laxus vs Jura. But still in this chapter I coudn't help but to see. 1st Natsu huging Lucy pg 13 and 2nd Natsu complaining that he took his eyes of Lucy. Hehehehehe.

 Still I wonder how much will these one on one fights continue. In the best case chapter each. (T.T) I want to read the next chapter already.

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What happens next?

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