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Fairy Tail 309 has been released.


Natsu don't remember having done anything bad! Do you ? He sure have collective memory heheheeh. But seriously this boss guy HAVE ISSUES “I only aim at the sinners heads”. And all of those guys whats up with them they all aim for death from the first blow, never mind FT survived all the attacks and now is contra attack time.

 The 12 constellations of the zodiac are together. What will happen next? Excited for the next chapter? I guess everybody (me too) is all exited to see Loki again.

 I'm really happy with this chapter. Wonder if the battle will end in the next chapter, actually I thought that the battles will be longer, but who knows. I prefer them to finish them off quickly, so we can go back to the games.

  But did Mashima trolled us again (O.O) YES he did. Can't wait for the next chapter I hope will come out sooner. Love to Gray!

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What happens next?

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