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Fairy Tail 316 has been released.


Finally we know what happened in the future. But WOW thousand dragons coming to destroy the country that's like way too much, in my personal opinion even one or two hundred will do the job too. And Natsu in jail in the same time unable to help.

 But I'm pretty sure that Rouge wasn't just bluffing just to piss of Gajeel that Natsu is stronger than him. But really, rule number one, when you see that look on Erza's face you are dead meat. I hope that witch gets it good from Erza.

 But I have done some calculations Igneel, Metalicana, Grandeeny, Natsu, Gajeel, Wendy, Lax us, Sting, Rouge, thats 9 who can fight against dragons. And there are 1000 dragons so that is 111 per each. I hope the princess got things figured out. Or the only thing that's going to be left from that country is............. nothing.

 I'm still dieing to know how will Daimatou enbu end. And what answer did the future Licy left to the princess.

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What happens next?

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