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Fairy Tail 318 has been released.


The chapter was cool, nice action flow and stuff. I really liked it. But I really need to see more about future Lucy and Natsu and who is he going to fight now. Think that Arcadios dragged Yukino with him 'cuz hi is suspicious to future Lucy. There really might be something fishy in it.

On other hand I knew there was something about those twin dragon slayers that wasn't right.We found out that Rogue name isn't Rogue it's Raios and he was an disciple of Gajeel that feared him.Is Those twin dragon really real dragon slayers?

 The shadow that controls destiny definitely that thing Jellal was sensing all of those years.It explains why he wasn't able to find it because it's an shadow.The shadow also said that it was is his job to kill Gajeel,that also means that shadow is probably an actual person on a twisted mission.

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What happens next?

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