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Fairy Tail 319 has been released.


Decent chapter. Felt kinda short though. I was expecting more iron shadow dragon moves from the fight but nevertheless it was good and the roar was epic. I don't like though how rogue seems like the 2nd weakest member in sabertooth team. Was it because he wasn't with sting as a duo or gajeel was too strong? Im relieved to know that there will be more arcs after GMG cause it felt like the last arc especially after the 10000 dragons thing. The shadow will surely be in another arc.

  Looks like the executioners are back. Hopefully they put more of a fight now and I wonder how they will fare without mirajane. I hope Mira gets a good fight too. Where's yukino? Mashimas story telling has been quite messy lately and hopefully the plot becomes clear soon. These the princess is lying? I don't know who to trust anymore. Probably the 'other time traveler' causing all the confusion.

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What happens next?

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