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Fairy Tail 321 has been released.


So lets go through the story so far. The Daimatou Enbu is reaching its climax. Now that Gajeel beat Rouge, the remaining battles are: Erza vs Minerva, Gray vs Juvia vs Lion vs Cheria, and Laxus vs Jura. Jura of the 10 saint, Laxus opponent, is even said to be the strongest human wizard. Now is time for Laxus to counterattack. And he kicks his saints ass straight up to haven.

Hah seriously Laxus is way too cool, in this fight, not that he is usually not cool but I feel now he is even cooler. And the awesome news are that next chapter will be with color cover and 36PP can you believe our luck! But to stay on topic about this one. It looks like Erza is finally making a comeback .But seriously in FT titles and rankings does not mean a thing.

It is the Second Origin (at least that's what she says there). I wonder if the others also still have to activate it since I thought they were already using the power-up. But aside form Erza did Laxus get 5 point for FT? How? Why? Not that I'm complaining.

So can't wait for the next chapter. Thoughts?

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What happens next?

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