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Fairy Tail 323 has been released.


WHAT?ROGUE? What is up with your haircut mate? Great chapter, but now I completely  lost the logic of this story. Ok did the shadow actually captured Rouge at the end. Thought despite his evil look we still don't know on who's side is he. Thought I may guess that one. But seriously the chapter was awesome, a loved it so much info. At the beginning was a bit slow with all of the celebrating FT victory, but then if got more interesting.

 Well we should have seen it coming, one person can come from the future, why can't another. Still big letdown, because I thought it was going to be Zeref. All of this could have been cleared up if Hisui and Arcadeus communicated better. Lack of communication let this happen.

  I am glad the guards and the Execution have been taking care of. Why do I have the feeling that Sting and present day Rogue's role is not over yet. That the two third generation dragon slayers are going to help FT save the world and maybe join FT.

 What do YOU think? Thoughts?

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What happens next?

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