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Fairy Tail 324 has been released.


Totally awesome chapter I loved it. Even if it was really not cool when Rouge killed future Lucy, ain't cool man ain't cool. I think that the dragons may come out from the Eclipse, because if we think about it for a second.

First Rouge doesn't look like a good guy, and he controls the sadoe OR rather the shadow controls him. Second where is froggie they are inseparable, but why is he not with Rouge now, something must have happened. Turd from where else are gonna appear, I MEAN COME ON. They are just gonna come flying from the vacation they had at Hawaii. NO, I really start to think that the dragons came from the door, no other place. And that is why Lucy probabbly tried to close the door. But Rouge is confused because he is possessed. I think that is what happened, but there is only one way to see, and that is to wait for the next chapter and see. The chapter- Really really cool, Loved it.

Anyway I relay want to see the next chapter. Thoughts?

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What happens next?

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