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Freezing 124 has been released.

Chapter 124 has finally been scanlated, though the translation seems a bit... off to me. Though considering English isn't Emeraude Scans' native language, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Still, loved Roxanne's casual attitude towards Nova Form Arnett, she didn't feel the least bit threatened. And as she proved, twenty percent of her full power was more than enough.

  And Satellizer transcending, too cool. Though again, the awkward translation dampened the mood somewhat, can't wait for the FTH version, they've never disappointed. Anyway, can't wait for the next chapter.

 Kazuya's uselessness. Sure, he is pretty useless, but damn, some of the other Limiters are even more useless. Annette's Limiter? Who the hell is he? I've only seen him once. Same goes for Cleo's Limiter and even Ticey's, not to mention Roxanne (and lolArthur). Kazuya probably did the most in the entire series to help his Pandora, besides Andre.I guess IDY realized the uselessness of limiters and made Freezing P. To make it seem like they are actually important, when SURPRISE!!! THEY AIN'T WORTH

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What happens next?

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