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Alright, all but Gina are alive, is that a better answer. And I wouldn't say it was through the power of "sure why not," Chiffon used the last of her power to heal the E-Pandoras. I think with the impromptu clash that occurred, executing them wasn't a priority any longer. Though with the Valkyries taking center stage at the moment, it'll be unlikely if we ever see them again. Sad, but possibly true. But we absolutely no reason what so ever to believe Gina is alive she died and there was no indication she or anyone else was brought back to life.

 I have a feeling that we haven't seen the last of Amelia. She was being worked on in a lab last time we saw her. I have a small feeling that she plays a big part in the future

 Well they were keeping her asleep and in custody last we saw her so she could be forced into some E-Pandora Mark II program or maybe some clones of her wouldn't seem that far out of the realm of possibilities. Afterall Amelia did show some promise sure she couldn't keep up with the top Pandoras but she did freely deploy her volt weapon and could perform Double Accel if they could produce those results in mass you'd have a good foot soldier.

 With all due respect, I find the possibility of an E-Pandora Model Two project is practically nil at this juncture. After the last project led to an actual Nova Clash, why start up another? Especially since now Gengo has finally gotten results from his long-delayed Valkyrie project, anyone in Chevalier with ambitions of outdoing him will be even more hard-pressed now. So I doubt any more will suffer like Amelia, Gina, Rattle, and their friends did. Though hopefully they'll be more humble than Ouka and comrades. We'll see though.

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