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I read the latest FTH release, and the different translation brought up a question: when Ouka and the other Valkyries go into 'Plasma Mode', she referred to Gengo Aoi as "that human" (not, for example, "that MAN"). Now, maybe it's just a figure of speech or a poor choice of words from the author, but this makes me wonder what the Valkyries really are... IF there's a meaning behind those words of course.

Throwing possibilities:

1. She said what she said that way because, truth be told, a Pandora or Valkyrie is something more than an ordinary human being (especially those very rare cases like Kazuya or Rana who have Stigmatic tissue from birth), so it may have been a different, less rude pronunciation of "that lesser being". However, considering that Ouka worships the good doctor, I don't think this is the case.

2. The Valkyries are indeed much more special, even than ordinary Pandoras, but how and why, that I don't know of course. Maybe when (and more importantly, IF) we'll learn about how they are created, we'll have our answers.

PS: It's kinda rare for me to think about the little details like this, I guess picking up Freezing was a very good choice.