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Let's just be happy that we can read the new chapters in English, even though the translation (and especially the punctuation) is kinda shoddy. Then again, FTH gives us a chapter every week, so we just have to be patient.

Anyway, about the newer chapters... the Harpies freak me out. I mean, this IS a pretty violent series, but I don't remember an arc of the story being so gory (maybe the mess where Chiffon earned her rank and nickname is the only contender). Which isn't bad per se, but I still found it kinda disturbing.

Also, what Gengo said bugs me: never mind that he expected this mess just so the Valkyrie could clean it up and show how they're better than the Pandoras (I resigned myself to expect the worst out of this guy), but how he says that that humanoid Nova (not the Harpies, the unstoppable one that looks truly human) is Maria Lancelot's "successor". Somehow it reminds me of that theory I had that Maria was a sort of recon drone from the Nova's home dimension, while THIS is what she/it would've been if she/it had been sent specifically for combat.