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The latest chapter wasn't really a surprise how Kazuya is related to the LP since there plenty of hints leading up to this moment. Still pretty bad @ $ $ how the LP easily disposed of the Novas with little effort and loved the cute hugging scene.
Got to wonder though, did May healed just the group or did her spell also reached out to all the half dead students on the battlefield? Although Roxanne is known as the Immortal with incredible healing ability, I'm sure that she died from her self destruction so can May actually bring back the dead!? Chiffon also demonstrate that she can bring the dead back to life in the Alaska arc.
You'll be surprised at what that old Gramps would be telling. I read the raws and I nearly doubted that guy's sanity when he revealed the secret of his family. Cassandra and the other Legends are on the same family hierarchy as Kazuya's father so they can be considered his aunts, I guess, except that they are bioengineered from the same essence that runs in Kazuya's family. That's a hint of the secret. Whether they are blood related is a question that's vague right now but I guess they are because the connection comes from Gendo's wife; that's the second hint. Last hint is that Gendo had a child with THE Pandora.