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Freezing 157 has been released.
I'm just wondering whether we'll see the other Valkyries again? Other than Lucy and Ouka, the others seemed to have gone quiet. Is there even a Team 13 anymore? Things seem so turbulent that nothing seems to last more than a couple of weeks (in Freezing time) 
The series seems pretty good at the moment. Not action-packed at the point I'm at, but it's interesting to understand the politics and relationships between [the remaining] Pandoras.
With the LP's around they don't seem relevant anymore. What was the point of Satellizer, Rana, and Ticy's transcendence, not to mention Elizabeth's return, if four overpowered veritable goddesses can do it all? That's the problem with overpowered characters, they completely ruin the balance of power. I hope IDY finds a way to resolve this, or his story will take a serious nosedive, and no amount of ecchi or humor will save it. 
As for the other Valkyries, while I won't spoil anything, we will be seeing them again. Rest assured.