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Freezing 109 has been released.

Yi Suna was creeping me in this chapter. Is she also part of those women in the picture 40 years ago? And also what is that about a visitor opening the Pandora box?Not to mention Gengo being different and most likely Kazuya as well(see the nova body theory). Freezing is getting more and more interesting.

I was thinking, coud it be that the experiment in Lab 13 made Chiffon. Or is it her mother Maria Lancelot? But if you remember Kazuya said before that she lived over forty years without aging.

 But can you feel the plot thickens more and more with every chapter. Ahhh what did she mean with that his greatness. I feel like the Instructor is in some king of conspiracy with Gendo.

 The chapter was short thought I can't wait to see more.

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What happens next?

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