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Hoping their relation finally evolves, but I am afraid we're going to get trolled once again (Rana anyone?) by the Author. It does get old though.

  About Kazuya, I find he is probably about tho make his return in the main sotry. People have to remember that he is quite literally a newbie (he was entering West Genetics in volume 1), and has to attend a lot of theory classes apparently.

 For whoever said he could have used his freezing ability to stop the fight .. well ... yes.


  This is why now in vol 112 Satella is explaining her choices to him (he doesn't seem too interested in that dilemma though, he obviously has "something" else in mind hehe).

 At this point the character (both on a personal level and power-wise) can pretty much only evolve by baptism (even though he can already use some of his abilities in moment of high tension) .. let's hope we finally see it happen to move the story forward, 16 volumes of teasing is near enough.

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What happens next?

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