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Just because I laughed to this chapter doesn't mean I like it. Satella's reaction should be "aim for the kill" after what Rana did, but cockblocking is bound to happen in any sort of movie/manga/anime, even in real life ffs, since Rana is the annoyingly persistent type.

  Though the fact that Ouka is a "yamato nadeshiko" is true.

 Well, tbh Satella had been starting to act childish for a while now, little by little, not that I don't find this evolution too fast. I do think her change is progressing too fast but well, who could know anything about her personality the first 60-80 chapters? All she did was to fight with everyone that comes her way. Nobody, was her friend, so no one could know.

  The only one I pity here is Ouka, because I very much can relate to the fact that Im Dal Young won't let her be the one Kazuya choose and with this, all hell will leash upon her as well.

 Kazuya standing there like he is apart from the entire thing is no surprise to me. That's how the protagonist acts in any manga. In very few manga with settings closer to this one, there's a protagonist I like.Read Freezing online for free.


What happens next?

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