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Ahahaha I just loved that fairy look on Genjou's face, that says “Oh really is that all you got, just wait and see, what I got for you.” He really is confident. I think that the Valkyries have trump card that no one knows about.

 There has to be more than 5 "sisters". We know that those were the first or one of the first generations of his bioroids. It's possible that Kazuha was created in the lab as a first prototype or as a second from the data collected from a prior Kazuha or that she might have been the child of a prior Kazuha or a prior bioroid. I think that Gengo Aoi is trying to experiment in that way too, by letting his creation have a normal life.

 Anyway the plot is getting more and more interesting with every chapter.

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What happens next?

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