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 So now Rana has older sister, and Roxanne is still granny. Nova's are talking to humans. But probablly only to those who have stigma bodies. And Lucie can hear them. Wouldn't it be more apparent if they were actually hearing something? There would be some reaction. It just looks like their stigmas are resonating with the novas. Lucie could probably hear them since it looks like she can communicate with the novas(maybe like the times when she kissed kazuya and he saw those images) but i don't know if the others can(maybe they don't know how) since you have to be at a certain frequency to communicate with the novas(what seiga mentions). Maybe the communication wouldn't have to be apparent since its different from sensory or normal communication.

 But I hate Gengo so much right now what is that son of a itch trying to do. Is that part of a bigger plan that he have? For sure and what kind of a plan is that. I really feel that something is very fishy, and I'm pretty sure that I'm not going to like what I see.

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